Current Units

On this page, you will find information about the current we are covering in all of the classes taught by Ms. McLean. For information on Science, Math, and PE, please visit Mr. Arca's (Grade 9) and Mr. Krahn's (Grade 7) pages.

The following link will lead you to the British Columbia Ministry of Education BC Ministry of Education
Here you can find the curriculum we follow as a certified BC offshore school. If you have any questions about the topics covered, please feel free to contact Ms. McLean or any of the teachers.

Short Stories and Creative Writing - September to November

-Students will read stories of different genres and will write a short story of their own. Students will also learn and use Reading Power strategies in order to understand the reading on a deeper level.

Current Unit: Non-Fiction Reading and Writing - December to January

Writer's Workshop and Speeches - Ongoing September to June
-Students will be given a topic and will write an essay following the Writing Process. Upon completion of the essay, students will be create a speech and present to the class.

Current Topic: Dramatic Monologue - visualize the beginning, middle, and end, create a monologue based on drawing received

Socials 8

The Early Middle Ages - October to November
-Chapter 2

The Feudal Age - December to January

Drama 8
Body and Facial Movements and Expression -October

- Voice and Film
- HACE healthy eating commercials

Organization and Goal Setting - Ongoing September to June
Healthy Eating - October to December

Socials 9
The French Revolution - September to November
The Napoleonic Era - November to January

Drama 9
Body and Facial Movements and Expression - September to November
-Creating Silent Movies

Voice - Readers Theatre play

Socials 7
Civilizations - September to October
Mesopotamia - October to December

Ancient Egypt - December to January

Drama 7
Body and Facial Movements and Expression - October to December

Next Unit: - Voice